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Since that our fellow usmkks' favor the use of GTalk as our main IM tools(due to laggy internet connection),I decided on to google a bit about some addons that may spice up this Gtalk interface.And I found this interesting review on these three addons:

1)gAlwaysIdle(mimick the invisible function in YM thus keep away annoyers)
2)Gplus(spice up interface of GT by adding on 'Emotisound')
3)Extended Talk (I personally love this addon,but it have compatibility issue with Windows Vista,in which when I overdo the costumization my laptop will start blinking and restart on its own ;( )

Addons to Make Google Talk Better

It’s been a long time, and there’s been no new features added to one of favorite, and modest instant messengers, Google Talk. If you can’t wait for the Google Talk team to update their product and need more features desperately, there are a number of third party GTalk add-ons you can use. Here are a few of them:


At the time of writing, there’s nothing like ‘invisible mode’ on Gtalk that can keep the annoyers at bay. But most people desperately need it. Here’s where gAlwaysIdle comes in.
gAlwaysIdle Image - GTalk Addon

Download it , install it and from then on you can control your Google Talk idle status.

Use the ‘Always Idle’ mode to keep your status idle, so that your status appears away even though you’re really online. ‘Never Idle’ mode works the other way, and will never put you on idle status - even when you’re away.


GPlus is another third party addon for Google Talk. You can spicy tools to your minimalistic instant messenger with this little tool.
GPlus - Google Talk Add-on

GPlus can spice up your chats by replacing smiley codes with graphical emoticons, and also play ‘Emotisounds’ to express what you’re feeling. GPlus can also log your chat conversations in HTML format.

3)Extended Talk

Using Extended Talk, you can add a lot of very useful stuff to Google Talk. For instance, you can create shortcuts for frequently used phrases, so that you can save time by not typing them entirely. You can also put a shortcut on your desktop that instantly starts a conversation with the friend specified when activated.
Extended Talk - Google Talk Add on

Other features include: make your chat window transparent, close all active windows at once, text commands (/signout), underline support, dynamic status changer, file transfers, smileys, and more.

1)gAlwaysIdle - Click HERE
- Click HERE
3)Extended Talk - Click HERE

Although I tried all these addons(which all awesome and make the experience with GT better),I currently using an addon named gtalkshell,which is more simple,and the thing that I like the most is the function of "avatar".In which,this function allow you,to display multiple picture(caption) in a determined interval of time,so we can have like switching of picture in every 15sec.

so to download this gtalkshell - click HERE

I don't recommend installing all these addons simultaneously,choose the one that you like the most..this will reduce the memory space on your pc too ;)

to anybody that wish too add me on GT just add or just simply push add button and type 'esemzeerulez'(w/o bracket)

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Shankar Ganesh on

k ciao again...


  siti nor akmal bt abdullah

May 6, 2009 at 11:50 AM

pandai...tny ak plak bla nk kwin..ko tu??:P

eh cane nk dowload invisible tue?
amek katne?


May 6, 2009 at 1:29 PM

uiks...kan aku dah bagi link kat bawah post tuh?

either way,kalau nak drpd aku trus pon me when you are on GT,and don't be fooled by my "idle" status..that the effect of the gAlwaysIdle addon ;)

  Ibnu Shaukani

May 6, 2009 at 2:41 PM

wuyoo..byk gak function gtalk kene install sendiri kalau nak


May 6, 2009 at 11:28 PM

yup,actully there's so much more on the net,but these are the simplest one that I managed to find,plus the link on the referred web are most always broken..jd kena cari the new one for the downloads..xp..

kadang2 the addons are bigger than Gtalk itself,but as the size suggest,It's the reflexion of the features it offers.


May 20, 2009 at 1:01 PM

that gplus addons, cant download it some error with the link..