aRtS oF cRitiSm....


I have visited so many blogs since I'm new to this blogging world.But being new,means that you will have to visit more blogs to gain more knowledge about blogging,widgets,and what to blog about..But here,today,I would like to blog about what you should not put on your blog and and maybe what you should not blog about.

Since my experience isn't that much,so some of you might just think that I'm being too confident myself about my opinion,not hurtful!,If you found this post useless just skip it.I'll just post what I think about blogging and I think most people will get annoyed if certain thing are on your blog.

Here are the things that irritate me when I visit a blog.

1)Music app.

Its not a very bad decision though to put this applet on your blog,It's your blog in fact!But I'm sure that as a blogger you will have some feeling that you want peoples to read your post..and if they found that your blog posts are interesting,they will come that I want too! ;) This music applet will have your readers get annoyed..why? Can you imagined a situation when you are listening to a song in your WMP/winamp..with heavy metal-sound(e.g from S.O.A.D) then you browse a blog..and a traditional song come out..or maybe another heavy-metal song come out...It can be stressful if this situation least for me..and I'm sure most people will have this feeling too.Like i said before,It's your if really want this music applet.Just simply put songs that really not disturbing..or let the volume to be as slow as possible.Or..just move the applet..
"People want to read your blog and not listen to it" let your musical taste runs on your own headsets. ;)

but again!its your blog right?you can always say "whatever"

2)Hyperwidgetblogia(too many widgets!)

This can also be bothersome to some people,but I personally didn't care much about this issue.
It will be wise if you just choose the essential widgets only to display on your sidebar,It also help to make your
blog clean and scrollable and easy to read,thus,heping you to attract your reader to drop by again!
For me,the widgets that are essential for a blog would be clock,and maybe calendar,shout out box(although I've remove mine for some reasons).And the essential sidebars would be your friend blogroll(easier for them to jump over to another blog that are also your friends) and definitely about you!the blog owner.They will also would like to know you,the person who are writing the post..and don't forget to put your real pic.Also put the archieve sidebar,this will allow your readers to easily choose the post they want to read.


Ads is essential for some bloggers with heavy traffic to their blog as the ad will contribute for their income.
But remember not to overdo many add will make your blog messy and will distract the readers.but if you really find the ads are really important,make sure to arrange it in a nice-to-see manner.Otherwise,if you dont want to get income with your blog,just remove them.

4)Big Flash Header

Many people argue about this,but as for me,try as hard as possible to not have this,as this will make the reader have too wait for your blog page to load..this will make them tired of waiting if they are swithing frequently to se various post on your blog.Just make a simple picture as your banner.Also,Flash banner will consume bandwidth of your internet.Means that it will slow up your internet make it worst if your readers are dowloading something.Than your blog will be less favoured,although you have very interesting post!

Thats are the thing that I think could make your blog traffic less.There are also some things that you should not blog/post about.

1)Critics on somebody near you

Its your blog,so you think you can say all things that you want to say?WRONG!
this situation will only become TRUE if you have your blog setting to be private,mean that only certain visitors
will be able to see the content of your blog.But in most cases,blogs are made open,so all your writings will be open for all to read.Critics on someone will easily spread and there a chance of your critics to arrive to the person criticized .Imagine that the person that you are criticized in your post is your own roomate,and by chance his friend somehow managed to reach your blog post.Gahhh,you can imagine what will happen then right?So the moral of the story is,never ever criticized(or worser, bad-mouthing) people,especially near you!
Unless you really can stand the consequences of your own word.And how would you feel if anybody post about your weakness on the net?? Think about it.

You embarassing people on the web,Maybe it's your turn later!


Your opinion on your politic standing is admirable,but try not too over with it,you can also get jailed for what you said,for us here in Malaysia,you can even be detained under ISA for creating seducion and disturbing public order :O.You woudln't want that right?Also if you are a university student,you can be sack from your study under AUKU!So think wisely before posting.Don't be hard headed and get detained yourself,it's a pure stupidity.

Add Image
YES!because you said so that you will be jailed,Duhh!Think!

Thats all for today,got to get study.Exam is already around the corner .Take above advise as advise from a newbie.Otherwise just ignore it.;)

ciao ding~

Gtalk Addons|Gtalk Enhancer

Since that our fellow usmkks' favor the use of GTalk as our main IM tools(due to laggy internet connection),I decided on to google a bit about some addons that may spice up this Gtalk interface.And I found this interesting review on these three addons:

1)gAlwaysIdle(mimick the invisible function in YM thus keep away annoyers)
2)Gplus(spice up interface of GT by adding on 'Emotisound')
3)Extended Talk (I personally love this addon,but it have compatibility issue with Windows Vista,in which when I overdo the costumization my laptop will start blinking and restart on its own ;( )

Addons to Make Google Talk Better

It’s been a long time, and there’s been no new features added to one of favorite, and modest instant messengers, Google Talk. If you can’t wait for the Google Talk team to update their product and need more features desperately, there are a number of third party GTalk add-ons you can use. Here are a few of them:


At the time of writing, there’s nothing like ‘invisible mode’ on Gtalk that can keep the annoyers at bay. But most people desperately need it. Here’s where gAlwaysIdle comes in.
gAlwaysIdle Image - GTalk Addon

Download it , install it and from then on you can control your Google Talk idle status.

Use the ‘Always Idle’ mode to keep your status idle, so that your status appears away even though you’re really online. ‘Never Idle’ mode works the other way, and will never put you on idle status - even when you’re away.


GPlus is another third party addon for Google Talk. You can spicy tools to your minimalistic instant messenger with this little tool.
GPlus - Google Talk Add-on

GPlus can spice up your chats by replacing smiley codes with graphical emoticons, and also play ‘Emotisounds’ to express what you’re feeling. GPlus can also log your chat conversations in HTML format.

3)Extended Talk

Using Extended Talk, you can add a lot of very useful stuff to Google Talk. For instance, you can create shortcuts for frequently used phrases, so that you can save time by not typing them entirely. You can also put a shortcut on your desktop that instantly starts a conversation with the friend specified when activated.
Extended Talk - Google Talk Add on

Other features include: make your chat window transparent, close all active windows at once, text commands (/signout), underline support, dynamic status changer, file transfers, smileys, and more.

1)gAlwaysIdle - Click HERE
- Click HERE
3)Extended Talk - Click HERE

Although I tried all these addons(which all awesome and make the experience with GT better),I currently using an addon named gtalkshell,which is more simple,and the thing that I like the most is the function of "avatar".In which,this function allow you,to display multiple picture(caption) in a determined interval of time,so we can have like switching of picture in every 15sec.

so to download this gtalkshell - click HERE

I don't recommend installing all these addons simultaneously,choose the one that you like the most..this will reduce the memory space on your pc too ;)

to anybody that wish too add me on GT just add or just simply push add button and type 'esemzeerulez'(w/o bracket)

credit to
Shankar Ganesh on

k ciao again...



phew,it's been awhile jugak that I'm not posting...
hampir berkarat blogku ini...nak kata bz...erm..xde la sgt...ahh..for watsoever reason je lah ye..
ni dah dpt update ni kire okay la...atleast x de la jd blog berhantu..hehe

skang ni kt usmkk sume org dah balik umah..cuti....except for budak2 second year medic,1st year medic yg tgh gelabah tunggu result final dorang dgn bdkmedic 4th year yg kelam kabot nak habiskan posting..

so usmkk menjadi tenang..hahahha..the way i like oo..rase macam pg bercuti je..x de bising2 budak2 bilik sebelah yg memekak time dorang men dota..pfft..poyo..kalau hebat cam aku x pe gak...

Ohh lupe nk gtaw..aku exam 24/5 ni...gelabah malas nak kelam kabut...buat rilek je...
ala wat cam aku bese wat la... ;)..bak kate bakaq kepadeku.. "Genius 1000thn sekali" hahaha...dasat ko BER..

ckp pasal tenang..lupe lak..waktu cuti SOLTAN kelantan ha
ritu kami g cuti..hehehe...g pulau perhentian...kat ganu..dah aku malas nak tulis panjang2...zasss...layan pic..

to perhentian island-30mins cam nek roller coaster ;(

Long Beach(kitorang x lepak sini)

take some pics b4 g snorkeling(arrived on PI at 1.30p.m)

some more pic on arrival(muka suma penat)

scenery belakang chalet tpt kitorang lepak..air jernih gilakk

Tajuk pic: Mana paeh ni???

Kanak2 bajet macho atas batu..

Kanak2 macho lagi...huh =_="

Erm dah la tuh...mlas nak upload..tenet usmkk totap sucks...APEX university....WALAUPUN..
summary g cuti aritu...

4)jumpe antu
5)jumpe sotong besaq...(bakaq)
6)2hr 1 mlam pnginapan+transport+snorkle+makan-minom=rm150 damn cheap..kan kan..

k ciao ding~

Double hard headed "mat rempit"

Hampir 2 bulan x update blog....

aku baru balik dr cuti CNY,cuti yg agak lama bagi bebudak medic USM...
bagi aku lak..aku balik ke rumah 1 hari awal,dan pulang ke USM 1 hari lambat,2 hari ponteng...
FOR the sake of my family...<< my lame reason Xp
balik umah dpt makan byk sgt limau,my mom chinese friends yg kasiik ade 5 kotak.....berjuta2 limau tuuu...hehehe...
sampai boleh dpt vit C intoxication...
so dah balik USM ni kene la jadi diri yg rajin aku tu semula...

nak berazam jadi org yg lebih rajin...maklumlah...dah jadi the "majority" kenela rajin tahap babeng....
next time i wont be the 70% lagi....
aku akan jadi yg..maybe 5%...yg viva ke...baru ganeh...hehe

tapi td aku kuar makan...x pakai helmet....
mase pegi x de pape...mase balek..kene tahan ngn JPJ...
1st time experienced....
and first time sign surat saman...
interesting yet costy experienced though...=____="

nyarisla JPA baru masuk kalu x aku lagi pening....
so pesanan aku kt kengkawan sume...belilah helmet yg hargenye x sampai rm50..
better drpd byar smn yg rm100++

haih...aku x dtg pbl budak2 pbl aku balas dendam dgn bagi aku learning issue yg byk dan susah...
so kene siapkan cpat sblom tiod...cau~