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I have visited so many blogs since I'm new to this blogging world.But being new,means that you will have to visit more blogs to gain more knowledge about blogging,widgets,and what to blog about..But here,today,I would like to blog about what you should not put on your blog and and maybe what you should not blog about.

Since my experience isn't that much,so some of you might just think that I'm being too confident myself about my opinion,not hurtful!,If you found this post useless just skip it.I'll just post what I think about blogging and I think most people will get annoyed if certain thing are on your blog.

Here are the things that irritate me when I visit a blog.

1)Music app.

Its not a very bad decision though to put this applet on your blog,It's your blog in fact!But I'm sure that as a blogger you will have some feeling that you want peoples to read your post..and if they found that your blog posts are interesting,they will come that I want too! ;) This music applet will have your readers get annoyed..why? Can you imagined a situation when you are listening to a song in your WMP/winamp..with heavy metal-sound(e.g from S.O.A.D) then you browse a blog..and a traditional song come out..or maybe another heavy-metal song come out...It can be stressful if this situation least for me..and I'm sure most people will have this feeling too.Like i said before,It's your if really want this music applet.Just simply put songs that really not disturbing..or let the volume to be as slow as possible.Or..just move the applet..
"People want to read your blog and not listen to it" let your musical taste runs on your own headsets. ;)

but again!its your blog right?you can always say "whatever"

2)Hyperwidgetblogia(too many widgets!)

This can also be bothersome to some people,but I personally didn't care much about this issue.
It will be wise if you just choose the essential widgets only to display on your sidebar,It also help to make your
blog clean and scrollable and easy to read,thus,heping you to attract your reader to drop by again!
For me,the widgets that are essential for a blog would be clock,and maybe calendar,shout out box(although I've remove mine for some reasons).And the essential sidebars would be your friend blogroll(easier for them to jump over to another blog that are also your friends) and definitely about you!the blog owner.They will also would like to know you,the person who are writing the post..and don't forget to put your real pic.Also put the archieve sidebar,this will allow your readers to easily choose the post they want to read.


Ads is essential for some bloggers with heavy traffic to their blog as the ad will contribute for their income.
But remember not to overdo many add will make your blog messy and will distract the readers.but if you really find the ads are really important,make sure to arrange it in a nice-to-see manner.Otherwise,if you dont want to get income with your blog,just remove them.

4)Big Flash Header

Many people argue about this,but as for me,try as hard as possible to not have this,as this will make the reader have too wait for your blog page to load..this will make them tired of waiting if they are swithing frequently to se various post on your blog.Just make a simple picture as your banner.Also,Flash banner will consume bandwidth of your internet.Means that it will slow up your internet make it worst if your readers are dowloading something.Than your blog will be less favoured,although you have very interesting post!

Thats are the thing that I think could make your blog traffic less.There are also some things that you should not blog/post about.

1)Critics on somebody near you

Its your blog,so you think you can say all things that you want to say?WRONG!
this situation will only become TRUE if you have your blog setting to be private,mean that only certain visitors
will be able to see the content of your blog.But in most cases,blogs are made open,so all your writings will be open for all to read.Critics on someone will easily spread and there a chance of your critics to arrive to the person criticized .Imagine that the person that you are criticized in your post is your own roomate,and by chance his friend somehow managed to reach your blog post.Gahhh,you can imagine what will happen then right?So the moral of the story is,never ever criticized(or worser, bad-mouthing) people,especially near you!
Unless you really can stand the consequences of your own word.And how would you feel if anybody post about your weakness on the net?? Think about it.

You embarassing people on the web,Maybe it's your turn later!


Your opinion on your politic standing is admirable,but try not too over with it,you can also get jailed for what you said,for us here in Malaysia,you can even be detained under ISA for creating seducion and disturbing public order :O.You woudln't want that right?Also if you are a university student,you can be sack from your study under AUKU!So think wisely before posting.Don't be hard headed and get detained yourself,it's a pure stupidity.

Add Image
YES!because you said so that you will be jailed,Duhh!Think!

Thats all for today,got to get study.Exam is already around the corner .Take above advise as advise from a newbie.Otherwise just ignore it.;)

ciao ding~


  zahirah ardy

May 8, 2009 at 10:42 AM

syok nehhh tulis politik dalam blog (although aku tak berapa buat perkara tersebut)~

well, since the media is heavily controlled by the government, access to informations in the sense of hard copies that aren't in much favour of the latter are virtually cut out... or almost. the people can't afford to be brainwashed by the government to wholly swallow its agendas anymore, hence, they started searching for new portals to channel out their own point of views and read that of others. it's good when it's used with honesty, but it's bad when some spread lies for reasons such as self-interest, intention to create chaos among races,religion and etc, and whatsoever. apart from that, internet is so cheap but the speed and efficiency is so deadly that it is too tempting to be ignored as a tool for politicians. besides, we're supposed to hear stories from both sides, aren't we? or the game wouldn't be fair :P tapi kalau pelajar universiti taksub sangat sampai pelajaran pun terhuyung-hayang... better don't lah. know your priorities lah.

anyway, yeah... headar flash gabak sakkkk! esp. kalau online dalam USM ni. makin terasa ke'sak'annya.

p/s: this is from my experience watching the internet scenario changing since i was 7 years old.


May 8, 2009 at 1:03 PM

Hahaha,It's very true that internet is a very cheap and deadly tools,what you write are reachable by anybody that have internet connection.Thus, it is much more worrying if it is use for bad intentions.

like in our situation country,some have spread that our PM is corrupted and involved in a murder case(you-know-who).It is okay if its only printed for hard copy for local politic agendas(i guess black-sheeping the others are the way of politicians regardless in which country).The article can be easily banish soon after the election.But if it is on the net,it is reacheable by the whole world.

And thats make the case worst when Australia and Britain media reported that our PM is corrupted and involve in a murder in their newspaper.

Although I'm not that much "like" the new PM for some reason,but I personally don't want whole world know that he is like that.

that will left every one of us in this country feels bad when a foreigner ask about this issue.

Like Australia labelled us as

it will be shameful,atleast for me.

  siti nor akmal bt abdullah

May 10, 2009 at 11:24 PM


baik buruk di tangan anda..


May 11, 2009 at 12:26 AM

Betul tu.Sebagai manusia yg rasional,gunakanlah teknologi untukperkara kebaikan..
kalau kemajuan teknologi disalahgunakan..
bek duk kat zaman batu x de + dosa..

hehe peace V(^-^)


May 11, 2009 at 3:01 AM

syed,cne ko snap gambo brute ko 2?ak ad wt ak snap bukn brute ak r.haha.tunjuk ajarku sifu


May 11, 2009 at 4:48 AM

Loo...kate keyboard bersuare..mst power hal2 IT nih..hahaha..
senangje..bukak page yg ko nak snap tuh..then tekan print.
kalau kat keyboard ku nih key [fn]+[insert]
tgk ar dye berbeza ikut keyboard..
then lepas snap(tekan print)..
bukak paint.then tekan [ctrl]+[v]
then ko crop lar...
haa..mudah kan?



June 8, 2009 at 10:39 PM

The issue u put up r so true. #1 & #2 bugs me lots. however i dun pay much attention to #3 & #4. well maybe #4, sometimes, coz i dun download things much. ;P

yet i find it interesting when people babble politics in their blog. esp the xCUKUPilmu ones. cz u cn actually c pple who tryina outbrain the talks. i kinda enjoy stPdty beyond bRilliance once in a while -for i might b 1 sumtimes too. Gaahh.. (^^)v


June 8, 2009 at 10:41 PM

btw, arigato ne~ linking me to ur blog. i link urs to mine gak ogayh.